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Boat Maintenance

Whether it is a ship, boat or a yacht, all boats need maintenance and repairs. From collision damage or keel fairing to respraying, the team here at John Leonard Shipwright & Co are here to help.
A lot of the maintenance is carried out while at sea. However, a large number of repairs and maintenance works can only be completed while the ship is out of operation, in a ship yard. Our ship yard is based in beautiful Howth Harbour, on the cusp of Dublin City. From here we would be glad to offer you our range of maintenance services.

Our Boat Maintenance Services

What could be classified as boat maintenance is broad, but in a nutshell it covers whatever needs to be done in order to keep your boat beautiful, sea worthy, functional and safe. Regular maintenance helps towards preventing any major hazardous problems with your boat before they actually surface. Maintenance can cover anything from copper coating to respraying and paint work; anything required to ensure your boat is in ship shape condition!

 John Leonard Shipwright & Co

Boat Servicing

Whether you use your boat in a work or recreation capacity, regular servicing is paramount to ensuring that you are not exposing yourself or your passengers to any safety hazards. It is recommended that you have a professional carry out servicing on your boat at least once a year. Here at John Leonard Shipwright & Co, we can carry out regular servicing and carry out tests on every aspect of your boat to make sure it is functioning correctly and safely. If we come across any problems, our repair service can take care of it for you.

 John Leonard Shipwright & Co

Contact us today to hear more on our maintenance services.

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